The benefits, both personal and professional, of becoming a member of the invite-only virtual pinboard are endless and have been embraced by many. So, why should you be interested in Pinterest? What could being a part of the new (and here to stay) trend do for you?

1. Brand Yourself. What do you want your Pinterest page to say? Pinterest is a wonderful way to show what you are interested in by using pictures instead of words. Not everyone is aware of what you do or what you’re passionate about, therefore, it’s critical to gain recognition and visibility. Whether you would like to develop a personal or professional board, members will notice how you’re positioning yourself and your key values. Establishing a visually appealing personal brand makes you easier to remember and find.

2. Stay Current. The rapidly-growing platform engages users twice as much as Twitter did at its age. Becoming an active pinner will help you keep up-to-date with not only the latest social media trends, but current style, fitness, and business practices as well.

3. Creative Release. Creating different boards, titling them with fun and appealing topic names, and pinning images is addicting for many. Do you have a wedding to plan? Are you looking for a new recipe? Pinterest is like a scrapbook portal where you can organize your favorite images and ideas without the cutting and pasting. Both professional and personal pinboards can inspire you and other pinners in an innovative way.

4. Connect. The comment sections at the bottom of each pin allow you to connect and share suggestions with pinners who inspire you. You can follow others’ Pinterest boards and establish a mutually beneficial relationship with professionals just like you. Both clients and fans can be an integral part of your Pinterest success!

5. Marketing Tool. Pinterest has been used by businesses to build their professional brands. If you are looking to expand your professional brand with help from the site, make the pins compelling enough to re-share. Make sure that you’re positioning your message consistently and that you have set measurable objectives.  Some examples of tactics that business owners could implement are: developing a board that establishes your business’ core values, holding contests, and adding a “Pin it!” button to the footer of their web pages.

These five reasons why to be involved in the social photo sharing site demonstrate how a picture is worth a thousand words and why it’s, therefore, critical to pin smartly, creatively, and with your brand in mind.

Happy pinning!!